Why we are FUZED

In our fitness programs we want to focus on your Spirit, Soul, and Body.

We know that we are stronger in numbers. If we can help you feel physically stronger, emotionally balanced, and spiritually close to our Father, then we will have accomplished our goals.

Our trainers play music that will uplift your spirit in worship while submitting our bodies to the exercises that will strengthen us.

Why Fuzed?

– We get this question so often, why? Because we know our lives are more fulfilling when we walk with God in everything we do. Being fully submissive to his will for our lives. God wants us to have life in abundance!

That is why he came according to John 10:10.

Instead of giving into the world “self” view of our bodies and lives, We focus on looking at ourselves through our Father’s eyes.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

Yes, He loved us that much; and He calls us to love each other that much, and to love ourselves too. Join Us at Faith Fuzed Fitness of Amarillo. Be encouraged, uplifted, and drawn in close while you take care of your temple.

What We have going on now:

CASt Tool Time-Casting our cares on the Lord nutritional small group Bible study and self-assessment.

COMPLEtE Yoga traditional yoga postures and movements that focus on a personalized spirit, soul, body transformation with each session by applying scripture, affirmations and by setting grace goals.

FITT (Fuzed Intensity Timed Training)FFF version of HIIT (high intensity interval training) – efficient format for burning calories and challenging the body’s systems using heart rate training zones & increase strength and stamina + flexibility + relaxation + meditation on God’s word. 

FLEX (FFF Pump) – muscular strength and endurance training using weights and bands to maximize physical results.  Scripture, popular Christian music and prayer are key components of this workout.

FLOW – steady continuous movements choreographed to hand-picked Christian music using postures and poses to increase strength, balance and flexibility (dynamic movements + pilates + yoga + flexibility +Biblical relaxation) 

FORGE (FFF Spin) – to move forward steadily increasing with speed and power while riding indoor cycles built to improve cardiorespiratory fitness and muscular endurance led by a FUZED warrior and motivated by Christian music videos. 
(warmup/preparation + rpm variations + speed variations + flexibility + prayer)

FUZED SILVER SNEAKERS (FSS)- to serve the 65+ population with age appropriate training principles and personalized modifications for special conditions to improve functional living. (dynamic movement to warm up body + strength movements + balance movements + cardio movements + flexibility movements + relaxation and meditation on God’s word)

FUZED FIT CAMPS (FFC) – to FUZE biblical stories and people and Christian music into real-life, virtual workouts that will transform lives spirit, soul and body. (warmup/preparation + visionary cardio journeys + visionary strength journeys + biblically-focused flexibility + scripture focused relaxation, meditation and prayer.)

SITFItcardio + strength + flexibility utilizing a chair for support. Great spiritual encouragement and accountability.


The heart is at the center of what we do! We want to strengthen your heart in every way we can!


Our strength is from the Lord, the maker of Heaven and Earth! We will be using our bodies as resistance while focusing our hearts on God.


Flexibility is how we should approach everyday. Focusing on God’s will for our lives, maintaining a peace in our hearts, while our bodies are challenged.

Catch up with our on going study

Verse Of The Week Psalm 84:7 I was leading one of Faith Fuzed Fitness’ spin classes, which we call Forge, I noticed the symbolism between the bike and God. As I was listening to the words in the song “Power” by We Are Messengers, and encouraging the riders, I realized that God uses resistance to strengthen […]

You should know…

Our workout programs and ongoing studies are designed together by our local gym trainers.
Each workout has been prayed over and thought through to bring God’s message to you. What an amazing God we serve. We are so thankful that he has guided us to Fuze your lives with ours.


Faith Fuzed Fitness is fueled solely by donations from our members. So we also want to Thank You too!!

If you’d like to donate to us now, or set up reoccurring donation payment please click here.

We also want to welcome you to submit your prayer requests with us too. We believe if you ask it will be given, so lets ask together.

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