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Kathleen Clark

Mike Fogiel

Susan Neese

Trena Rider- Chair

Kim Talley

Our Calling

Overcoming insecurities of body image and feeling inadequate with our purpose on earth has only been accomplished through an ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ. And it is definitely an ongoing process.

Our hope is that faith FUZED fitness empowers Christ’s people. We empower our people to be set free. Free from self defeating attempts to find contentment through body image and performance.   Our members achieve this goal by receiving God’s love and allowing His love to make us whole and healthy.

Our Purpose

Glorify God by serving others.
John 15:8

Tricia McGuire

Executive Director
Founder of Faith FUZED Fitness- A Christian Based Fitness Gym in Amarillo, TX

Tricia was raised in a Christ-centered home and has been involved in athletics and fitness since a young age. Blending the two has been a burning passion for much of her life.  A bachelors in Health Education, a masters in Exercise Science, and nationally accredited exercise certifications allow Tricia to serve all populations.  She serves as a group fitness instructor, a personal trainer, and has been teaching at the college level for more than half of her career.

Kryss Miller

Paralegal, Certified Fitness Instructor, Massage Therapist

Health/Nutrition Coach – Faith Fuzed Fitness

Coming from a Christian home, Kryss has always had a love for her Jesus!  Born and raised in the Amarillo/Panhandle areas, she graduated with Salutatorian honors.  She pursued a career in the legal field and is currently a Legal Assistant at Burdett, Morgan, Williamson & Boykin.  Kryss is a certified fitness instructor for 20+ years now.  In addition,  she is a licensed massage therapist for 20 years.

She attends the Loft Church and has an extreme desire to follow Christ more and more because she’s always felt God has a wonderful plan for her to reach others through His Name and for His Glory!

Kryss joined the Faith Fuzed Fitness team in 2018 at the urging of longtime friend and Founder, Tricia McGuire.  She is currently enrolled at Innovative Nutrition to pursue her dream of being a Health/Nutrition Coach to help others not only nutritionally, but physically, emotionally, and spiritually as well.  Kryss plans on developing a nutrition plan for FFF and offering it to others to complete His Work in all!

Jessie Gonzales

Personal Trainer- Faith Fuzed Fitness

Raised in a Christian home and rededicated to Christ in 2016, she believes she’s exactly where God wants her. Her passion to keep people feeling good about themselves extends with the fire of the Holy Spirit to keep Christ’s people focused on fellowship, and a relationship with Him.

Mother of Two, and wife to loving husband Jeremy since 2015. Born in San Antonio and raised in Amarillo, TX. She played soccer throughout her life and at Amarillo High School.  Jessie went on to play at the College level on scholarship, and graduated from West Texas A& M University 2015.

When pregnant with her first child, Jessie decided she wanted to take better care of herself. She set out to be a certified Group Fitness Teacher and a Personal Trainer.

Jessie is over-joyed to see what He has in store for Faith FUZED Fitness.

Leigha Diaz

Assistant Director
Owners of Full Rut Marketing
Web designer and SEO Expert-
Faith Fuzed Fitness

Adam and Leigha have both come from Christian homes, and opposite backgrounds that without God would have never crossed paths. They were married in 2013, and have 3 daughters. Their daughters served as the driving force in Full Rut Marketing.

Full Rut Marketing started in our home, with hours of training, investing, and mentoring with the best in the industry. Full Rut marketing and SEO of Amarillo took on clients and soon out preformed some of the towns best. We are dedicated to our mission to spread good ideas and local services through mass media. We have build our foundation for our business on prayer and dedication to our Heavenly Father.

Partnering with Faith Fuzed Fitness is our most honored endeavor. Its been a blessing to work with a group of individuals so driven for the pursuit of love, helth, and showing Christ’s love. We are proud to use all our skills to make Faith Fuzed Fitness, Amarillo’s best fitness gym.

Lexy Mata

Writer- Faith Fuzed Fitness
First Love Devotions

Lexy is an Amarillo Local. Wife to her loving husband Jayden Mata, they are raising a wonderful son Roczen. Over the past few years, Lexy has been called by our Father to speak out and write for him. For instance, Lexy started her blog called, First Love Devotions, which is what caught the attention of our Faith Fuzed Fitness team. Together they have Fuzed her written word with our workouts, and transformed what Faith Fuzed Fitness could be.

Our devotions are based off what Lexy has written and we incorporate them with other Bible studies. Our hope is to help to develop one another’s gifts so we can reach God’s people through fitness.

Lexy shares our passion and love of Christ and we welcome her to our team!

Rachel Reneau

Co-Founder of Faith FUZED Fitness- A Christian Based Fitness Gym in Amarillo, TX

Rachel grew up heavily involved in her church , soccer, and playing the piano. This foundation led her towards a strong desire to reach others through fitness and health as she got older. With a masters in Kinesiology, she has served the fitness community for over 10 years has a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor. Her passion for fitness grew exponentially when she began to fuze her love of music with her love of fitness. Running is also a huge passion and hobby for Rachel and her family. Rachel has been married for over 11 years and has two little girls.

Faith Fuzed Fitness Amarillo Gym Staff

Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.
-Ecclesiastes 4:12