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Psalm 84:7

I was leading one of Faith Fuzed Fitness’ spin classes, which we call Forge, I noticed the symbolism between the bike and God. As I was listening to the words in the song “Power” by We Are Messengers, and encouraging the riders, I realized that God uses resistance to strengthen us, and challenge us in our faith.

How is God Like the bike?

Much like the knob on the bike increases the bike resistance and increases our heart rate. The overload principle is a “must have” when exercising. If we don’t stress the body, it will not get stronger. If we become content with our routine, it is merely that, a routine. Sure, we go to the gym (go to church), we do our routine (rarely miss service), but are we challenging ourselves to a new fitness class (small group or bible study) to grow in strength and stamina (revelation and knowledge)?

The spin class goes through speed and resistance changes while everyone stays in the same spot as when they started. No one is left behind. It’s easy just to let the wheel turn and pretend to work hard if you don’t dig deep down from within and decide that you are worth it. But, as an instructor, I have always said, “if you leave my class saying that was easy, you are only telling on yourself.” My goal isn’t to kill you, but it is my job to provide the guidance and the motivation to challenge (overload) your body just enough to cause it to be better than when you walked in.

So, I ask you?

Are you controlling the speed and resistance in your spiritual life? Or are you opening your arms wide to allow God to challenge you to grow into a stronger Christian than when you woke up this morning. He is always guiding (his Word) and motivating (Holy Spirit) you to be closer to Him. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to jump on the bike with Him and give your all! You know if Gods in on it, you won’t regret it! And always remember, He thinks you’re worth it!!!!


Lord, help us to seize the opportunities you give to us to grow closer to you each day and give us the strength to overcome challenges through your empowering Holy Spirit. Amen

personal and group training verse of the week

Verse of the Week:

Daniel 2:37

As I close on leading my first FITT Camp for Faith Fuzed Fitness, I would like to share what I learned from Daniel.
FFF offers fitness camps (1-6 weeks) focusing on the Bible and bringing scripture to life during exercise…what we call Biblical Journey Workouts!
The past four weeks was my opportunity to do just that with the book of Daniel. I focused on a chapter per workout, incorporating the scenarios within the base for each session.
I loved this new way of studying my Bible.


What I learned:

  • Daniel was a victim when he was captured and sent to a foreign land, yet he stayed focused on serving God with his whole heart.
  • Daniel had the favor of God. When he was in life-threatening situations, God never failed him.
  • Daniel was obedient. He prayed continuously in spite of the risk of death.Daniel was honest. He only offered truth when interpreting dreams and visions.
  • Daniel faced fear head-on. No matter what, he leaned on God to be his source, his rock, his shield.
  • Daniel’s leadership caused other’s faith to rise to remember Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Their belief in God miraculously saved them from the fiery furnace. (That session was a HOT workout)
  • Daniel recognized the fear of the Lord and honored Him even when fierce lions surrounded him.
  • Daniel knew who he was as a chosen child of God. His confidence was in the trust he had in the King of Kings.

With that being said, the earthly Kings of Daniel needed Daniel because they recognized the excellent spirit within him.
Now, you may ask, how can you take these lessons and make them into fitness routines.
I found that as I put the scripture first (spirit), my mind (soul) would open up to the fitness plan for that chapter (body).
This is the foundation of FFF!
When we choose to fuel our spiritual needs, our minds will follow, and the body has to line up. Often we get it all wrong, just like the Kings of Daniel. They would turn to the magicians and sayers (quick-fix diets, trendy workouts, etc.) for their dream interpretations before finally calling on Daniel, a representative of God. It happened over and over. When we try to change our body first, before calling on God to be our contentment, our direction, our priority, our answer, we find frustration and failure.
Sound familiar??? Finding peace within is not determined by the mirror or a number on the scale or pant size. Once we know who we are in Christ, how much he loves us, the priority of pleasing the public shifts to focusing on a personal journey with Jesus.


I pray you to find the peace of God in all your situations. After all, the Prince of Peace is all we need. Walk forward in this week to the tune of Sanctus Real– Confidence!


2 Timothy 1:7 (ESV)

“for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.”

Faith Fuzed Fitness Verse of the week for group fitness and personal training

“Let go and let God.”

These were the first few words out of the yoga instructor’s mouth this morning. Such simple words for such a seemingly impossible task.

Complete Yoga” is a class offered by Faith Fuzed Fitness, and I’mI’m ashamed to say this is the first time I have taken this class. It started with the Complete Target, an assessment that indicates where you are in spirit, soul, and body. My affirmation for the morning was, “my thoughts are godly thoughts.” Ha! Through almost the entire class, my thoughts were far less than godly! I struggled, “Come on, God! Give me this amazing spiritual moment, help me to be new and refreshed!” That moment never came. The next thing I knew, I was in the car headed home, crying, and fighting with my husband.

In moments of failure, turn to God.

I felt like a failure, a failure as a wife and Christian. When I got home, I wanted to write; I read over the verse I chose for the class 2 Timothy 1:7 ”For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” I initially chose this verse because of the three words, “power” and “sound mind.” But the one I skipped over was “fear” I’mI’m not scared, was I? I recalled walking into class, wanting to cry before the instructor even began to speak. I forced myself to “suck it up,” and my heart had hardened the remainder of the class. “Let go and let God.” was the last thing I wanted to do. Why? Why is it so hard to let God do His work in and through me? Because of FEAR, I develop a lump in my throat when I think about opening up my feelings to anyone. I cringe when I’mI’m called out in a public place. My heart drops when I’mI’m asked to speak on stage. But God puts us in these uncomfortable situations to step out in faith and to deepen our relationship with Him. In every single one of these situations that I feel are uncomfortable is an excellent opportunity to share His goodness and Love. Isaiah 35:4 says, ”Say to those who have an anxious heart, “Be strong; fear not! Behold, your God will come with a vengeance, with recompense of God. He will come and save you.”


“Let go and let God.” are words I will speak more often. I pray we stop being a people who live in fear and start living and clinging to God’sGod’s word. May the Lord help us know we are a spirit of power, Love, and self-discipline.

Let this song by Matt Hammitt be an inspiration to surrender to God.


Faith Fuzed Fitness Group and personal training verse of the week

Verse of the week Esther 4:14

The story of Esther begins as the best spa treatments I could ever imagine! All day, every day going through beauty treatments and having assistants with all you are having done. It seems like an ideal time. I could so easily get lost in all the lavishes King Xerxes offered. She captured the attention so much that the king made her the queen, and he would give her anything she asked! What a Cinderella story!

The past comes to the surface.

But there was a flaw in this fairytale life. Esther was queen in a crucial time where her people were threatened with annihilation. It was the purpose of Haman to “destroy, kill and annihilate all the Jews- young and old, women and children” (Esther 3:13 NIV). Mordecai, Esther’s adopted father, had told Esther not to tell about her family background, which, as you can expect, she was a Jew.
Aside from all the pampering Esther received, I do relate to her story. I wonder how many times I have hidden my past in hopes that the beauty of my present existence is enough to cloud out all that has brought me shame. It’s so easy to become comfortable with who I am now, being delivered by God, and forget that I needed it.

I will be who you want me to be

I recall back to when I first met my husband, and again when I was dating, I know I was two different people. While dating, I felt like I was trying very hard to be accepted, to be enough for someone to love me. Not just with potential partners but even with friends. In my singleness, this was crucial because I spent time figuring out me. Then God sent me my soon-to-be husband; as we continued in our relationship, I felt myself reverting to my old ways. I wondered many times if I showed him who I was, would he turn and run?

Would you still love me if

If I showed him myself, would he still love me? Then God put Esther 4:14 on my heart. (Which just as a side note our oldest daughter’s birthday is April 14th. Isn’t God amazing!) God was scolding me just as Mordecai scolded Esther. I knew that if my husband was from God, then all the things he put me through were for “such a time as this” (Esther 4:14). It is so hard to put yourself out in front of people, but it is even harder when you know you have so much to lose. God put Esther through all of this, put her in a place of such power to save her people; God’s plan was more significant than her. The experiences, struggles, and relationships you have gone through have been all for His purpose. Your trials in life could be the exact thing that will bring someone to Christ. You can lead someone in despair to deliverance through Jesus! Human nature fears what we might lose. But we need to focus more on what God will bring out of it. Esther saved an entire nation, honored her father, and had the love and respect of her husband, and all she had to do was step out in fear and faith in God.

We connect music with so many of our workouts so I hope that this song by Big Daddy Weave will encourage you this week to accept your past and to let God use you for the good of someone else.


Father, thank you for the story of Esther. Thank you for scolding us when we need to return to our true selves to be a servant for others. Lord, we want to pray for those who are struggling to find themselves in you. We pray that you would use each one of us to reach out boldly and share our testimony. God, we want to pray for Faith Fuzed Fitness, help us to keep pushing through, and know that you are present in our journey. Help us to know that we can face all the things with you, and we thank you for bringing us to your plan. Amen.


The Bold Wife

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Faith Fuzed Fitness Verse of the Week

Jeremiah 29:11


Photo credit to Lexy Mata with First Love Devotions

My stepbrother Joshua’s birthday is October 9th. 10 years ago our entire family was rocked to the core. In a moment, all the blame and reasons to fight that kept our families so divided were gone. Why is it that when someone passes we realize that all of that doesn’t matter? Why can’t we see it sooner? I struggled with this verse for all these 10 years. I cannot begin to tell you the heartache and devastation that was left behind after my stepbrother’s passing. Even now I struggle with an ache in my heart to write that there is hope in this verse.

The Plan is not known:

The book of Jeremiah is one that I studied during this loss. This book is about the life of the prophet. Jeremiah was open and raw about his life. In this moment of loss it was most relatable. I did not want to hear about God’s goodness. I wanted to hear something real. I wanted a person to understand the pain in my heart. I wanted someone I could look at, who could see me and say “I know.” I wanted answers to questions I would never be able to ask. Jeremiah speaks truth in his book and that’s what I needed. One song that continually speaks to me is Mercy Me “Even If.” This song is about the struggles that I was facing, as I cried out to God to  give me the strength to make it through this and just as Jeremiah was reassured of Gods faithfulness; this song reminds me of the same faithfulness. Even if I don’t know how I am going to make it through, God is faithful to bring me through it.

God knows we’re human:

Jeremiah is most quoted for saying “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” (Jeremiah 1:5 NIV) We love to tell this to babies and new followers of Christ, but I don’t think this was always a hopeful verse because Jeremiah felt doubt in that moment. But God assured him over and over again. In all the trial and turmoil that he faced God never left. Have you ever been with someone who looks for reassurance constantly? How do I look? what do you think? I feel like we all look for this a little. But when I read through I feel like its me, in my hopelessness, Jeremiah just keeps reassuring us that God is good. 

Reading this verse over again it makes me wonder, if you knew then why didn’t you do something?!?! You said your plans were not to harm me but God, I’m hurting! The Holy Spirit never left me in my sorrow. Instead he was like Jeremiah, constantly reassuring me. Revealing God in all things.

Where was God in my mess?

God was there in my mom, and dad who had been divorced for over 15 years but offered compassion and understanding to the other; because the children they had were hurting. He was there in my siblings, step or blood related it didn’t matter anymore; we were all family. I saw love and forgiveness and family coming together no matter what parent we came from. The pain didn’t go away, but you know what, neither did God. He knew this was the plan, so he put a sister in my life 11 years before to help each other through it. He put kids into my step-dad’s life and a loving wife; even though we could never fill the void his own son had left, he wouldn’t be alone. He made a friend out of the deepest enemy. Compassion and love is a universal language and it crosses all barriers. He gave us hope that the walls we build would crumble as we went forward in our future.


God, Thank you for always being with us through our lives. Thank you for you plan, even when we don’t understand it. Help us to have faith in your plan regardless. Help us to cling to you just as Jeremiah did, and reveal to us your presence in all things. God we want to lift up those who are hurting. We ask that you would just wrap them up in your love so that on the other side of the sorrow they will look back and know that you never left.

The Unstep-Sister
With Faith Fuzed Fitness

This is for my brothers and sister who don’t share my blood but have a place in my family all the days of my life and beyond!

Suicide Prevention

There are many benefits to working out. Mental health and physical health are directly linked. Check our schedule to plan a time to come to the COMPLETE Yoga class offered by Tricia McGuire.

Faith Fuzed Fitness Verse of the Week

Philippians 4:13 (NIV)

Verse of The Week Philippians 4:13: Group fitness, personal training, worriors

Most of us have felt hopeless or like the situation at hand was hopeless. Faith gives us back a hope that we can do, quite LITERALLY ALL & or ANYTHING through our Creator. Philippians 4:13 is a reminder that He created a new life and a new situation in which we can be stronger than any obstacle we face.

New Hope

This new situation will not only bring Jesus glory, but also allows us to reap the abundance in the harvest of our prayers. Declaring this scripture over and over with faith that God is making a way for us to be strong. This small act is like planting a seed in the ground. It is the beginning of a longer cycle. Our strength allows us to be held by God and reach out to Him through the trial. Our continual faith waters that same seed we planted in the beginning. But that is not the end, we must give the outcome to God amidst the trial. This surrender will not only help us move in his timing, but also harvest the plant that was once a seed.

farmer planing the seeds

Focus This Week:

Controlled burn; holy spirit burning inside during this week of trainingThis week as we walk through whatever life throws at us, I hope that you can cling to the strength found in God. As we fellowship together in our workouts, we know all the things we do, make us stronger! Not just physically, but spiritually! We talked about that seed in the beginning but I challenge you to treat your internal strength like a fire. Fires consume, most of the time they are looked at as destructive, but many farmers use it to enrich the soil to plant their crops next season. At first, its just a spark, but the more you feed it the stronger it grows. You chose what to feed it with; if you chose to feed it with garbage you’re going to be drown out by all the black smoke you produce from that fuel. The word of God fuels our spirit like gasoline on an ember. I challenge you to let God fuel your fire so that when you are planting your seeds you are planing in the enriched soil that God has provided you.


Father thank you for your word and for the lessons we are learning through them. Thank you for the fellowship and support we receive as we workout. We pray that we will move forward this week in your strength, and we pray that through all our trials we will be fueled by you and produce fruit that comes from your strength in us.

Farmer on Fire
With Faith Fuzed Fitness

Faith Fuzed Fitness Verse of the Week

James 1:19-20 (NIV)

Faith Fuzed Fitness Verse of the Week“Slow to anger”. . . these words resonate with me more than I care to admit. I am a hot tempered person; I always have been. I’d like to attribute this trait to me being a passionate person, however, in my life I have been around many reactive people. Now, with my own kids, I have realized that the only person who can stop this cycle is me; and with the help and grace of God he is going to mold me into the mother I am called to be to my kids.

My Moment:

Whether it is with my husband, my kids, or other drivers on the road, I am a very reactive person sometimes. . . I’m working on it. The moment I realized how reactive I could be, came at the oddest time. I was in the Sam’s parking lot and my two oldest girls were running around the car. Immediately my heart stopped. I knew they were going to the car door to get in, but I panicked that a car might not see them. In all my panic, I locked the keys in the car. Once I realized they were safe, I went immediately into furious mom mode! I mean, what were they thinking!! Look what they did!

dealing with anger in our fitness goals

The voice came out. Every mom knows what voice I’m talking about. I scolded my children. On top of everything, it started to rain. I couldn’t help but laugh; because it felt like as if God was trying to cool my hot head. Negative words about working out

We ran back into Sam’s. Within 30 minutes my car was unlocked and the minor inconvenience was a teaching moment that God used to help me be a better mom.  As we sat inside and waited for the locksmith, I realized how my anger almost stole this moment from me.

My Lesson:

I sat watching my kids play as if they were in an office working on computers and the Holy Spirit convicted me to see the innocence of my children. They had not caused this–God has allowed this so that I could see this moment. My kids were role playing, imitating me. I began to realize if they will imitate me working, would they imitate my anger also? I’m certain the answer is yes, they will. I know there are moments where it is necessary to get angry; in my mind, my kids lives were in danger. But if I am completely honest, they were working my nerves in the store too. Because of what I have seen growing up, I don’t want to expose my kids to the same things. My family has battled temper problems going back as far as my grandpa, but God has delivered each one of them, and I know he will deliver me. I want to encourage you in this moment, if you are dealing with anger as I have and am, reach out to God. My outlet, many times, is working out and worshiping during my exercises to help to center myself during my workout. If you’d like to join us in our fitness classes, please come! All walk-ins are welcome and all fitness levels are welcome.


God, thank you for this moment and for your word. Thank you most of all for the grace that covers me in my moments of anger. Father, I want to lift up the men and women who are struggling with anger. I pray that you would be ever present in their moments, and even send some rain to cool their hot tempers. Give them grace, as you have for me. Do not allow the shame and guilt that may follow to keep them from humbling themselves before you, and before those whom they may have hurt in their moments. Let us all strive to produce the righteousness that you desire.

The less Angry Mom
With Faith Fuzed Fitness