Psalms 84:7 Forge Spin of Amarillo with Faith Fuzed Fitness Group training DevotionalVerse Of The Week

Psalm 84:7

I was leading one of Faith Fuzed Fitness’ spin classes, which we call Forge, I noticed the symbolism between the bike and God. As I was listening to the words in the song “Power” by We Are Messengers, and encouraging the riders, I realized that God uses resistance to strengthen us, and challenge us in our faith.

How is God Like the bike?

Much like the knob on the bike increases the bike resistance and increases our heart rate. The overload principle is a “must have” when exercising. If we don’t stress the body, it will not get stronger. If we become content with our routine, it is merely that, a routine. Sure, we go to the gym (go to church), we do our routine (rarely miss service), but are we challenging ourselves to a new fitness class (small group or bible study) to grow in strength and stamina (revelation and knowledge)?

The spin class goes through speed and resistance changes while everyone stays in the same spot as when they started. No one is left behind. It’s easy just to let the wheel turn and pretend to work hard if you don’t dig deep down from within and decide that you are worth it. But, as an instructor, I have always said, “if you leave my class saying that was easy, you are only telling on yourself.” My goal isn’t to kill you, but it is my job to provide the guidance and the motivation to challenge (overload) your body just enough to cause it to be better than when you walked in.

So, I ask you?

Are you controlling the speed and resistance in your spiritual life? Or are you opening your arms wide to allow God to challenge you to grow into a stronger Christian than when you woke up this morning. He is always guiding (his Word) and motivating (Holy Spirit) you to be closer to Him. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to jump on the bike with Him and give your all! You know if Gods in on it, you won’t regret it! And always remember, He thinks you’re worth it!!!!


Lord, help us to seize the opportunities you give to us to grow closer to you each day and give us the strength to overcome challenges through your empowering Holy Spirit. Amen