personal and group training verse of the week

Verse of the Week:

Daniel 2:37

As I close on leading my first FITT Camp for Faith Fuzed Fitness, I would like to share what I learned from Daniel.
FFF offers fitness camps (1-6 weeks) focusing on the Bible and bringing scripture to life during exercise…what we call Biblical Journey Workouts!
The past four weeks was my opportunity to do just that with the book of Daniel. I focused on a chapter per workout, incorporating the scenarios within the base for each session.
I loved this new way of studying my Bible.


What I learned:

  • Daniel was a victim when he was captured and sent to a foreign land, yet he stayed focused on serving God with his whole heart.
  • Daniel had the favor of God. When he was in life-threatening situations, God never failed him.
  • Daniel was obedient. He prayed continuously in spite of the risk of death.Daniel was honest. He only offered truth when interpreting dreams and visions.
  • Daniel faced fear head-on. No matter what, he leaned on God to be his source, his rock, his shield.
  • Daniel’s leadership caused other’s faith to rise to remember Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Their belief in God miraculously saved them from the fiery furnace. (That session was a HOT workout)
  • Daniel recognized the fear of the Lord and honored Him even when fierce lions surrounded him.
  • Daniel knew who he was as a chosen child of God. His confidence was in the trust he had in the King of Kings.

With that being said, the earthly Kings of Daniel needed Daniel because they recognized the excellent spirit within him.
Now, you may ask, how can you take these lessons and make them into fitness routines.
I found that as I put the scripture first (spirit), my mind (soul) would open up to the fitness plan for that chapter (body).
This is the foundation of FFF!
When we choose to fuel our spiritual needs, our minds will follow, and the body has to line up. Often we get it all wrong, just like the Kings of Daniel. They would turn to the magicians and sayers (quick-fix diets, trendy workouts, etc.) for their dream interpretations before finally calling on Daniel, a representative of God. It happened over and over. When we try to change our body first, before calling on God to be our contentment, our direction, our priority, our answer, we find frustration and failure.
Sound familiar??? Finding peace within is not determined by the mirror or a number on the scale or pant size. Once we know who we are in Christ, how much he loves us, the priority of pleasing the public shifts to focusing on a personal journey with Jesus.


I pray you to find the peace of God in all your situations. After all, the Prince of Peace is all we need. Walk forward in this week to the tune of Sanctus Real– Confidence!