While some of us are enjoying the Hallmark movies, more time with family, and all the goodies that comes with Christmas. Others are dreading this time of year because they hate the corny Christmas movies… ‘Seriously!? This is what happened in the last movie but with different characters!!’ (Add annoyed eye roll) or the music… ‘Who cares about Rudolf and his dumb shiny nose!’ Or maybe, on a more serious note, they are missing their family or mourning the loss of a loved one. Or they don’t get all the “goodies” everyone else gets. This time may unwrap bad memories and cause people to crawl into their hole where they can be alone, away from every joyful Christmas advertisement, every office Christmas party where you put on a smile and pretend to enjoy yourself, everyone coming back from Christmas break talking about their brand new car, house, or updated kitchen.

Depression starts to creep in, anger or sadness or both starts to cloud your mind. ‘This isn’t even what Christmas is about!’ you think to yourself. And instead of celebrating Christ you are burrowing deep into the darkness where it’s comfortable, just as a bear goes into hybernation, you’re not coming out until this season passes. If this is remotely close to how you feel please don’t hesitate to reach out to someone, weather it be us here at Fuzed, someone close to you or a counselor. It is very important that you speak to someone about how you’re feeling. Along with that, we have a Well Body Workout over depression, with scripture attached to movements and a study guide to follow along. We pray this will help guide you in your journey out of depression.