Verse Of the Week:

Proverbs 3:5

Fuzed Verse of the Week personal training and Group fitness

Even as I search my mind for the “perfect” topic for this week’s devotional, I feel out of control. Honestly, I have become accustomed to this feeling. When God dropped the vision of Faith Fuzed Fitness in my spirit around ten years ago, it was only a dream of mine that lied mostly dormant until something in my gut said, it’s time. It was a drive — a passion. An unexplainable longing to give all that I can to those who feel ashamed, defeated, and deflated about their bodies. Coming from someone who was born with two congenital disabilities that have made me feel inadequate and incomplete all my life. In an attempt to hide my deformities, I became skilled at putting on a full-body mask, pretending I had it all under control. HA! After years of fighting eating disorders (all of them), God kept tugging on me and reminding me that He was there. Many times I would say, where were you when I was “formed in mother’s womb?!?” What’s up with that? I wanted to blame Him. Myself. Someone?!?

God is in control

I know I’m not the only one; just your story is written differently.
But what I continue to find is that if we let God be God, He has the master plan and is in control!
Day by day and week by week, God continues to set me free! Although I will never be completely free until I am with Him in heaven, He keeps reminding me that I am better off out of control. The song by Jasmine Murray is a great song to have on your heart during times when you feel as though your plan could be better than His!



God Thank you for always being in control! Lord in this moment we are filled with your love and we give you the control. we want to lift up those who have a hard time letting go and letting your plan work through. You know our hearts and you made us the way we are so that we can fully trust in you and we know that your unconditional love covers us even in the moments where we are still trying to control the outcome of our situations. Thank you for your faithfulness God. Amen!

Please check out our weekly classes. Our programs are rooted in God’s unconditional love and will set you free from false perceptions of your body, God’s temple! Hope to see you soon!