Faith Fuzed Fitness Verse of the Week

Philippians 4:13 (NIV)

Verse of The Week Philippians 4:13: Group fitness, personal training, worriors

Most of us have felt hopeless or like the situation at hand was hopeless. Faith gives us back a hope that we can do, quite LITERALLY ALL & or ANYTHING through our Creator. Philippians 4:13 is a reminder that He created a new life and a new situation in which we can be stronger than any obstacle we face.

New Hope

This new situation will not only bring Jesus glory, but also allows us to reap the abundance in the harvest of our prayers. Declaring this scripture over and over with faith that God is making a way for us to be strong. This small act is like planting a seed in the ground. It is the beginning of a longer cycle. Our strength allows us to be held by God and reach out to Him through the trial. Our continual faith waters that same seed we planted in the beginning. But that is not the end, we must give the outcome to God amidst the trial. This surrender will not only help us move in his timing, but also harvest the plant that was once a seed.

farmer planing the seeds

Focus This Week:

Controlled burn; holy spirit burning inside during this week of trainingThis week as we walk through whatever life throws at us, I hope that you can cling to the strength found in God. As we fellowship together in our workouts, we know all the things we do, make us stronger! Not just physically, but spiritually! We talked about that seed in the beginning but I challenge you to treat your internal strength like a fire. Fires consume, most of the time they are looked at as destructive, but many farmers use it to enrich the soil to plant their crops next season. At first, its just a spark, but the more you feed it the stronger it grows. You chose what to feed it with; if you chose to feed it with garbage you’re going to be drown out by all the black smoke you produce from that fuel. The word of God fuels our spirit like gasoline on an ember. I challenge you to let God fuel your fire so that when you are planting your seeds you are planing in the enriched soil that God has provided you.


Father thank you for your word and for the lessons we are learning through them. Thank you for the fellowship and support we receive as we workout. We pray that we will move forward this week in your strength, and we pray that through all our trials we will be fueled by you and produce fruit that comes from your strength in us.

Farmer on Fire
With Faith Fuzed Fitness