Has God tugged on your heart to lead others?
Do you have a passion for fitness?

We are Faith Fuzed Fitness!!! A ministry that fuses God’s love in all formats of fitness!
By putting Spirit first, our Soul and Body are transformed glorifying Him!
God doesn’t just want your Sunday church service or your morning devotion time. He wants to be the focus of all areas of your life!

At Faith Fuzed Fitness:

*We train up warriors to be more empowered in their personal workouts by putting Him first.
*And if God is leading you to lead others, we give you the tools to grow your own personal fitness ministry! 
Remember, with God, all things are possible to him who believes! 
Pray and ask Him if being a part of our Warrior Fitness Leader Training is for you! 
If you have questions, contact me at tricia@faithfuzedfitness.com and I will schedule a personal phone call. I’d love to visit with you!
This is a great opportunity to grow in faith, knowledge and Christ-based confidence.

We are offering this course for free!

Yes, for free! Offering our programs for free is a primary component of our ministry.  We remove the financial barrier that tempts you to hold back! 

All we ask is that if you register, don’t back out! Make a solid commitment and let God do the rest! 

We have 12 openings and believe that God will hand pick our next Warriors! Ask Him if that is you!!! 

Male, female, young and seasoned…don’t limit God! 

He just might be calling you to be a Faith Fuzed Fitness Warrior!

If you live outside the Amarillo area, don’t count yourself out! There is a month-long online course (Oct 1- Nov 3) and a weekend in-person requirement. (Nov 4-Nov 6). 

An opportunity for a great weekend escape that will transform you spirit, soul and body! 

Register Now!